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The AI Safety Fund

About the Fund

The AI Safety Fund (the AISF) is on a mission to accelerate and expand the field of AI safety research to promote the responsible development and deployment of frontier models, minimize risks, and enable independent, standardized evaluations of capabilities and safety.

Born from a collaborative vision of leading frontier AI developers and philanthropic partners and independently administered by Meridian, the fund will award grants to independent research addressing critical safety risks associated with developing frontier models and preventing or mitigating malicious use of AI systems.

Why We Need AISF Now

AI has tremendous potential to benefit the common good, but appropriate testing, evaluation, and best practices are required to mitigate risks. As AI is increasingly applied in high-stakes situations, ensuring safety is crucial to avoid negative outcomes and build public trust. From evaluations of dangerous capabilities to ensuring alignment with human values, independent research is a critical element to ensuring frontier AI is developed and deployed safely.

Our Mission

Supporting and expanding the field of AI safety research by awarding research grants to the brightest minds across the AI ecosystem to ensure that frontier models align with human values.

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Grant Process

The AI Safety Fund makes grants for independent researchers affiliated with academic institutions, research institutions, NGOs, and social enterprises across the globe that aim to promote the safe and responsible development of frontier models.